Help in Bereavement is a Registered Charity (Number 1062269).

                                                                                    For our existence,we rely on donations,
                                                                fundraising and, if we are  lucky,  a grant or two.

                                                 We have no premises (all our members work from their homes visiting
                                                  their clients);  we have no tangible assets, no employees, and no debts

                                                  We do incur expenses (such as this web site, for example), and therefore any donations
                                         which we receive are put to good use, and are gratefully received.

                                                                       IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A DONATION, YOU CAN -
                                                         SEND A CHEQUE - (made payable to Help-in-Bereavement) - TO:-


                                                                             15 Binness Way,
                                                                              PO6 1LD


                                                                                                   THANK YOU !