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                           @@@@@@@@@@@@           OPEN EVENING       @@@@@@@@@@@@                                       
                                                                        Wednesday, 25th July 2018,
                                      the Link, Baptist Church,

                                                                    at 6.30pm

                      We are holding an  Open Evening   again this year for interested people
                  to come and meet us, and find out more about us and what we do,
in an
                  informal and relaxed atmosphere; and if you may be interested in
                  becoming one of our Visitors, you can find out what is involved, what
                  training is given, and how we try to help our clients through their bereavement.

                                                                  Just turn up,
                                       if you can, let us know in advance that you are coming.

                                                      Refreshments will be provided

                                    If you think you might like to volunteer to be a visitor,
                             or want more information, please `phone Help-in-Bereavement
                                                           on 07432 602613

                                                                or email  --
                                           training @ help-in-bereavement.co.uk

                                                     You will be very welcome


       Training for our new volunteers will be at the Rowans Hospice.
         Full Details will be available at the Open Evening.


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